Big tit Holly Wood dominates Crystal

Written on 27 July 2012 by

Crystal’s time with Holly is destined to be an intense one. Restrained to the bars on her knees, she can only watch and wonder about what is to to come. Her wait is short lived, although probably an eternity in her nervous mind. Holly gets down to it by clamping Crystal’s nipples and setting about her body with the leather strap. Pain then greets pleasure when she smashes the wand on her cunt. Crystal has a hard time holding her orgasm in check and Holly plays it to the fullest. The more Ms. Frost begs, the more Holly derives her own pleasure, and she only grants release when the time is ripe…Lest we forget that Holly is a magnificent beauty, and watching her body and beautiful tits sway as she crops Crystal’s feet is an added bonus. After she literally crops and slaps her subject to a beet red, Holly lubes up Crystal’s pussy and drives a dong deep. At the mercy of her Mistresses whims, Crystal who is now shackled ass up can only submit.

By now, Crystal’s a bit raw as she finds herself strapped and spread, her cuffed ankles assuring that she will stay put for Holly. Things grow dark when she’s blindfolded and Holly passes the wand across her flesh. Without the aid of sight, the whirring of the electrical device adds to Crystal’s tension. After a caning and flogging, Crystal is inverted atop the bars. Gagged tightly to squelch her bellowing, her nipples are clamped before Holly determines that it’s time for Ms. Frost to cum again. Burying the vibe between Crystal’s legs, Holly brings her slave to a final quivering orgasm.

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Hardbody Ariel X punished by busty Holly Wood

Written on 7 July 2012 by

This week, Strict Restraint comes storming back with Ariel X and Holly Wood. Ariel’s bent and zip-tied as Holly goes to town on her succulent ass with bare handed slaps. What a pair of bodies… Ariel’s tough and Holly’s got her hands full. Quite literally so when she buries her fingers in that sweet pussy. Ariel’s never been shy and today is no exception, and when Holly smashes the wand into place, she begs to cum and lets loose in a guttural fashion. From there, it only gets tighter for Ms. X as she is shackled upright. The crop is Holly’s tool of choice as she hammers Ariel’s flesh with it. Ariel’s hardbody is hard clamped next and Holly gets to work on that lovely, firm figure even further…

Now Ariel is down on the floor, her legs are shackled overhead and Holly gets to work on her bare feet. Moving on, Holly then gets up close and personal with Ariel’s pussy when she buries a dildo deep in it and plunges away. When she plants the wand on her clit, Ariel moans away and Holly takes it to her working Ariel to another deep, ear splitting orgasm… Next, Ariel is inverted precariously in a “shocking” predicament, where she is challenged to remain still while her pussy is being vibed. If she sways too far, she’ll certainly feel the wrath of the electrical device that she balances between… There was an error in rendering the video that created a blank screen for the first 40 seconds of the streaming, FLASH video, we will fix it and reupload it. In the interim, just fast forward for 40 seconds, and the streaming video is fine after that.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Two busty lesbos in Bondage

Written on 14 May 2012 by

Summer… in the Valley it’s one hot series of events. This year we welcome in the yearly broil-fest with Ms. Brielle, she symbolizes Southern California in every way, the long blonde hair, the impeccable tits, the smooth, tan flesh. Holly’s chained her to the bars, the dildo firmly planted in her mouth squelches her screams. Summer’s never been this hot before. The whip works it’s way across her back, this is an unfamiliar sensation to Summer I would guess. I would imagine she gets her way on the outside with those looks. Today however, she belongs to us, the game has changed. Her massive tits take their turn with the whip next before Holly brandishes the wand. Without the dildo inserted in her mouth, Summer’s shrieks fill the air. The vibe on that tight, perfectly manicured pussy is almost too much to bear. Next, Summer disappoints when she takes the strap-on in her mouth. Holly then puts her through her paces as Summer must practice her cock sucking proficiency on a series of dildos. Eager to please, Summer laboriously crawls around the room, gobbling rubber to appease her Mistress…

And now we find busty Ms. Brielle roped tightly with a vibrator between her legs. Holly greets her first with gentle strokes before she reaches for the violet wand and proceeds to give Summer a good raking over with the device. Summer meanwhile, gasps and moans and Holly breaks out another dildo, force feeding it to her new slave, while Summer literally begs to cum. These are two extremely beautiful women we are watching here. And that proves even more evident when Summer is strapped to the bench ass up. Holly lubes Summer’s perfect hole and then slides in from behind to give her a sound fucking. As Summer bellows, things really sizzle as Holly barrels onward.

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Busty Joslyn James has her tight ass invaded in Bondage

Written on 3 May 2012 by

Friday the 13th, a day of infamy. What better way to celebrate than with Joslyn James? She herself no stranger to certain infamy so to speak. With her mouth taped, she’s greeted by Holly who goes straight for her pussy before releasing those massive tits from their confinements. This Joslyn, she’s one fine specimen. Once Holly has her collared, she plays with those massive orbs a bit more before brandishing the whip and utilizing the leather to it’s fullest across Joslyn’s ripe backside. Chained to the pole however, Joslyn’s not going anywhere, try as she might. And then, Joslyn moans as Holly presses the wand against her clit, she grinds down, her belly tenses, and she rattles off a memorable orgasm. Now, face down on the floor, Joslyn endures as Holly clothes-pins her pussy. Next, a plug in her tight ass and Holly crops her thoroughly. She grabs hard on her ties when Holly fingers her cunt. A little more ass play, and Joslyn takes the plug nice and deep as the wand is pressed on her clit once more giving us another orgasm that will go down in history.

Raw from earlier activities, Joslyn is rigged to the bars, she whimpers at the thought of what is to come. Holly lubes her asshole. She gets it nice and wet before inserting the electrical plug. And then she cranks up the power. At first Joslyn may think that she’s just got a free pass this round, she can’t feel a thing. But, she’s soon to catch that jolt as Holly turns the knob even higher. As she squeals, the electrical current running through her tight anus, Holly is quick to go for the vibe and Joslyn is subjected to yet another tumultuous vibe session at the hands of her Mistress, which lends itself to a good whipping. First some pleasure then some pain however, as the she then finds herself spread on the Dungeon floor on the receiving end of a nasty foot caning. Holly then turns her attentions back to Joslyn’s pussy as she hammers a dildo into it viciously. One more wicked orgasm is on tap as Joslyn hangs on tight. Her eyes roll, her toes curl and then just as suddenly, she is left on her own.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

2 hot big tit lesbos in hard bondage session

Written on 15 April 2012 by

Sophia’s an olive skinned beauty, ripe for the picking and Holly’s the harvester. We watch as Sophia frantically struggles… open… exposed… Her panties are pulled away and Holly toys with her clit, yanking her panties up into her pussy while Sophia slowly comes to the realization that release today shall come in a different form than she may have foreseen. A riding crop next strikes her flesh as Holly covers her body with slaps, the pain is mounting now and just as suddenly, Sophia transforms into a gyrating orgasm machine as the wand coaxes her into one of the most intense orgasm sequences seen to date. When she’s spread on the floor, suction is applied to her pussy and she yelps as Holly cranks up the force. Coupled with open handed slaps to her inner thighs, Sophia’s transformation shifts once again as she is rendered helpless. This case of two extremes carries on when Holly buries a dildo in her pussy and applies the vibe again, causing Sophia’s pussy to quiver and her toes to curl in an orgasmic tirade.

Sophia’s already been through quite a bit in her debut, and in reality, she’s only just begun. She puts up an admirable struggle on the bars, although to no avail. And just when she’s convinced herself that she’s going nowhere, Holly returns to reaffirm this and clamps her nipples tightly. Sophia’s eyes show fear when she spots the cane, and Holly pays some attention to her soles, snapping rubber bands tightly on them before hammering on them with the stick. Despite it all, Sophia wants to cum, again, and this time the G5 is employed as Holly buries it against her clit. We get a close up view as it vibrates the daylights out of her pussy, and Sophia begs to be released from it’s grip… Sophia proves yet again, that even after all of this, she’s got a little spunk left. So Holly pins her tits and paddles her ass before straddling her from behind and burying the strap-on in her cunt.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Tight Cassandra bound hard in lesbian orgasm bondage

Written on 30 March 2012 by

Ass up and struggling, Cassandra’s in it for the long haul. Upon sexy Sybil’s entrance, she’s greeted with gentle strokes which quickly turn to vicious lashings across her backside. It’s apparent that Cassandra is digging the whipping she’s taking and Sybil turns it up a notch. She switches off to some bare handed, ass slapping action followed by some foot play, which leaves Ms. Nix drooling uncontrollably on the Dungeon floor. Any pleasure that Cassandra shall receive today will definitely be earned. And as she’s tightly bound to the saw-horse, she’s run through her paces. First, clamps to the pussy, then a crude gag taped rudely in place. A harsh caning follows, and then Cassandra’s reward is apparent. Sybil brandishes the wand and mashes it into position as Cassandra grinds hard seeking pleasure.

Cassandra’s primed now as she is rigorously bound by the rigger. And Sybil takes full advantage of her subject’s position as she exposes her to the mean side of her cane. First, she caresses the flesh before a strike and Cassandra moans and yelps. Breast clamps are attached next and Cassandra will do anything to have them removed. Something that Sybil will surely not forget and something that only the crack of the whip can serve as a harsh and brutal reminder…War-torn and dazed, Cassandra then stands at attention, a gas mask snugly fitted on her head as Sybil binds her waist. More whipping ensues as Sybil shows she can deftly work the leather and just as deftly can she also work the vibe as Cassandra is pushed to a final orgasm. Her true reward and pleasure comes however, when she is strung from the wooden beam and left dangling.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Young Maia pushed to her bondage limits!

Written on 16 March 2012 by

Maia’s predicament begins as she’s spread in the chair. Damon wastes absolutely no time as he grabs the wand and presses it into place. And merely minutes into the days events, we witness Maia succumb to an incredible orgasm. It doesn’t stop there however, as he continues to tease her overtly sensitive clit to the breaking point. With orgasmic overload freshly on her mind, Maia then finds herself in the foot stocks. With her lovely bare feet exposed, Damon methodically and thoroughly pins them. After yet another brutal orgasm, she has her feet viciously caned in return for the pleasure she has so generously been given. All in all, a powerful display of sensory overload that’s not to be missed…

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Sexy Ariel X whipped in bondage

Written on 3 March 2012 by

Ariel admits that she’s nervous. She should be. She’s blindfolded as she awaits her fortune. Chained to the wall, she’s exposed and vulnerable, her Master has free reign to do as he pleases. She’s shackled in place, blindfold removed as her clothes are stripped away to expose her chest and torso. The whirling whip lands against her chest and we see that Ariel is a perfect subject. Her moans, as they increase in volume, become increasingly arousing. These moans turn to grunts when she’s crotch chained and left standing at attention. Next, strapped and shackled, the tension is increased when a little electrical juice flows through her thighs. The cone buried in her pussy serves as a Catch 22 when she is wickedly strapped into a bizarre dance. Her compliance shall be rewarded however in the form of a blistering rhythmic orgasm…

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Sophia collared

Written on 25 February 2012 by

Sophia’s ordeal begins stocked and bent while Bane peruses what is before him. Some suction to her breasts gets her flesh nice and toasty. And then a little caning on her bare backside starts the juices flowing. Sophia’s pretty tough, we’ve had her in our grips before, and she’s also very vocal. For this reason Bane has kept her gagged and as he pushes forward, Sophia drools uncontrollably as she is put through her paces. Repositioned, she’s now spread wide on the Dungeon floor. Her body is clothes-pinned and Bane begins to coat her torso in wax. Now, despite the gag, Sophia’s vocal attribute begin to shine as she whines with each spatter of viscous, molten liquid that touches her flesh. Next comes the drill, which aids in the wax removal. Then Bane does a more thorough clean up with the whip.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Tattooed Goth slaved restrained and cumming!

Written on 18 February 2012 by

Bonnie’s had some bondage experience, she’s dabbled in the past so to speak, and we were happy to have her here at DungeonCorp. She’s a modern woman, with lots of ink, a long leggy body and she’s always up for an adventure, just the way we like them. We start her off blindfolded and spread in the wooden chair, she has no clue in regards to watch is about to come, and Damon gets right down to business as he clothes-pins her tits, pussy, thighs and feet. Bonnie squirms uncomfortably and Damon smashes the wand up against her clit, caught in a struggle of pleasure and pain. Next, she’s collared to the poles as Damon takes the whip to her bare torso. Sadistically, he works her over with the canes while he brings her off to massive orgasm before leaving her spent in the Dungeon.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Sexy busty Mya caned and fucked by machine bondage

Written on 9 February 2012 by

Bringing Mya back into the fold certainly had it’s advantages. One of them being that we were eager to see more and more of her and this time around, it was Damon’s turn…As she struggles deprived of sight, one can only imagine what she might mentally envision, and it wasn’t long before the fruits of her struggles were born… First, she has her pussy paddled and prodded before Damon teases her clit with the wand. This won’t be all pleasure though as Mya comes to learn as the whistling whip finds it’s mark on her tender flesh. Then, she’s seated and stocked atop a Cumbot as TENS pads tease her torso. While she takes a wicked machine fucking, Damon teases her clit while brandishing the cane and reddening her belly and thighs.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Big tit Tristyn sucks bondage dildo

Written on 2 February 2012 by

Tristyn now balances precariously, one rubber dong in her mouth while another is buried deep in her cunt…Damon hits the switch on the Cumbot and begins caning the daylights out of Tristyn while she deftly bobs her head up and down on the dildo. Everything reaches a breakneck pace and all the while Tristyn greedily swallows the dong. Next, she is bent over as Damon works the pole mounted dildo in her pussy. Electricity and wax soon follow and Tristyn is a wax coated mess as she is pushed to her final, massive orgasm.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Rylie fucked by her busty Mistress

Written on 13 January 2012 by

Spread and restrained, Rylie doesn’t have too long to find out what Holly has up her sleeve. First some nipple clamps, freshly fitted to her pouty breasts and then meticulously tied off to her bare toes. Then, Holly brandishes a cane and works it across Rylie’s flesh. As her flesh darkens, Rylie does her utmost to keep her shackled legs still, she does a fairly admirable job too, that is until Holly begins to work on her bare soles. The clamps, once removed, provide some sense of relief to Rylie and a pole mounted dong is in order next as Holly pummels her subject’s pussy with it. A magic wand pressed upon her clit for the finishing touch and Rylie’s screams fill the air. Rylie next finds herself restrained to the cross as Holly takes a crop to her body. The vibrator strapped to her pussy surely must be causing some physical and mental turmoil. As Holly then takes a whip to Rylie, it’s evident that she is hell bent on showing her a day that she will soon not forget. She drives the point home when the TENS pads are applied before Rylie is pushed to orgasmic convulsion.

Now Rylie is ankle and wrist stocked as Holly begins to toy with her once again. The TENS pads are affixed for a second time and as Rylie moans and twitches, Holly fills her cunt with the strap-on. We now get a birds eye view as Rylie receives her fucking and has a wand pressed tightly against her clit. Next, she is bound and bent over the horse. Her pussy is lubed and fitted with a pole mounted dong that Holly deftly plunges inside of her with conviction. Rylie’s been through the wringer and it’s even moreso evident when Holly brandishes the wand once again only for Rylie to beg for orgasmic release. Rylie however must now give something back as her face is buried between her Mistresses legs.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Cherie Deville whipped, pussy eating

Written on 31 December 2011 by

Cherie isn’t exactly cooperating, but Holly shall not be deterred and before she knows it, Cherie finds herself collared and gagged. Her clothing is stripped away revealing her beautiful body, of which Holly is about to partake. Cherie screams when her nipples are clamped, however this will only be the beginning. She’s about to learn that her beautiful Mistress is hell bent on putting her through the paces. With nipples weighted and pussy lips clamped, Cherie feels the crop against her bare backside. With her introduction to pain now complete, she finds herself restrained to the bench where she is now at the total mercy of Holly. Her muffled whimpers soon turn to shrieks when Holly straps on the dong and buries it to the hilt.

Cherie’s been run through the wringer by now. Imagine her despair as she is bent and bound, with a rude greeting from Holly’s whip. Her only comfort must come from the fact that Holly is surely finished fucking her pussy. Think again… Holly buries it deep and hard before reaching for the violet wand. Shocking indeed, as Cherie soon learns, her screams careening off the Dungeon walls. The magic wand is brandished next and Holly brutally vibes Ms. Deville into multi-orgasmic oblivion. After all this, Holly surely won’t be denied. After Cherie is suspended, ankles up from the rafters, Holly unveils her glorious breasts and pussy. As TENS pads pulse against Cherie’s flesh, her face is buried in Holly’s cunt. One fucking hot finale to say the least.

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

Melissa Jacobs ass and pussy eating bondage

Written on 14 December 2011 by

When we met Sinn Sage we were impressed with her passion for BDSM. She endured the bottom of some very tough and sincere scenes and after getting to know her a bit more, we find that Sinn is a natural switch player. She very much enjoys being a Domme and one of her other passions is women. When we offered her the chance to Domme Melissa Jacobs, Sinn was all too happy to oblige. The former Penthouse model has become somewhat of a bondage veteran after many shoots here at DungeonCorp and she felt she was ready to take on a bit more BDSM interaction than past shoots. Melissa is cuffed and left in s standing spread to wait for Sinn. She enters with a posture collar and gag, the defiance in Melissa drains away into anxious submission as Sinn takes control. She uses her hands to caress, spank and slap Melissa’s entire bound body. Sinn is confident, controlling and sadistic but she pulls it off very gracefully. Melissa is then roped down to our spread bench. Sinn sucks and chews on Melissa’s pussy, nipple clamps and a crop. Then, Sinn straddles her bound slave and gets herself off by rubbing her pussy against Melissa’s. I really like her style…

Melissa remains quite defiant even after being worked over quite well by Sinn. She struggles around to break free with no give from the ropes. Sinn enters and removes the gag from Melissa’s mouth, she shoves in four fingers as she explains what Melissa is going to do. Sinn expects oral pleasure and Melissa abides. After Sinn uses Melissa’s face to cum and turns around to bury Melissa’s lovely face deep into her perfect ass, she uses a vibrator on Melissa’s tender clit until she is cumming and kicking. In the final scene Melissa is bent over and gagged, Sinn enters with a strap on, she fucks wildly, and she continues to fuck. Melissa screams as she cums through the hard pounding and Sinn is smiling and doing her best to hold on… you just can’t go wrong with two beautiful and kinky women… enjoy!

Strict Restraint – the best place for hardcore devide bondage!

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